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How Canada’s growing presence in Latin America is hurting the environment

MEXICO CITY — Canada has become a major force in Latin America. It’s spent the last 30 years beefing up its portfolio with investments in mining, oil and natural gas. It’s established free trade agreements and foreign investment protections with dozens of countries, and is in the process of negotiating more. As a result, the […]
  • B.ark

    8 w

    I wonder what our favourite Pet–Detective would have to say about this. @Ventura …Ace, are you listening?

    • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

      38 w

      Canada's expanding presence in Latin America has brought economic benefits, but it's crucial to ensure responsible environmental practices accompany these investments. Sustainable development should be a priority for both Canada and the region. 🌎🌿 #ClimateAction #Sustainability

      • Gorffly mokua

        38 w

        This is ridiculous!! Canadas' environment minister is pushing other leaders to fulfill their promises towards cutting off fossil fuels while they are doing nothing about this, on their own land.

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