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Climate Crisis Alert: Ambani's Lavish Event Adds Fuel to the Fire 🔥

It is baffling how there are no laws and/or actions against individuals like Mukesh Ambani and companies out there that contribute massively to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, exacerbating the climate crisis.
Recently, hundreds of private jets were flown to India from all over the world for his son's "pre-wedding" ceremony. Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities as well as other influential individuals such as Mark Zuckerberg and Gates flew to India to become a part of the circus.
Let's not forget that all this happened in a country where thousands of people suffer from lung diseases due to smog and air pollution. 🤡
All that the media has covered revolves around the glamor of this "fairytale" that gathered the world's richest and most famous people, but it's about time we talk about its impact on CLIMATE, shall we?

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  • Varsa Mahananda

    6 w

    It is sad how people who actually have the immediate power and means to make a big change dont really do anything about it.

    • Markus Lutteman

      6 w

      What the …?

      • walter lungayi

        6 w

        It is indeed concerning that individuals and companies with significant contributions to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are not held accountable. The extravagant use of private jets should be banned to prevent environmental impacts

        • Joseph Githinji

          7 w

          This lavish lifestyle is a major challange to the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions is a nuisance and must be stopped by all cost.

          • Princess

            7 w

            It's disappointing 😞 that some continue to prioritize personal gain over the urgent need to address the climate crisis.

            • Elizabeth Gathigia

              7 w

              Its really sad that their people who don't care what happens to the planet, we only have one planet and if we don't take care of it who will? 😣

              • Chris Ndungu

                7 w

                That huge amount of money could have been done to do something constructive like purchasing trees to cater for the environment rather than spending in that way. Nevertheless, that's my opinion.

                • Sarah Chabane

                  7 w

                  We really can't afford the rich! Time for a tax on the super rich

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