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Timmermans visits the first Battolyser pilot plant in the world
By: André Oerlemans

The world's first Battolyser, a combination of an electrolyser and a battery, has recently been installed at RWE's Magnum power station in Eemshaven. The company that makes them, Battolyser Systems, opened its first pilot plant in Schiedam and recently received a visit from a curious Frans Timmermans, Vice President of the European Commission in charge of the European Green Deal.
The Netherlands wants to play a major role in the production of green hydrogen and Rotterdam wants to become an international hydrogen hub. The patented Battolyser is an important invention in this regard. It is a combination of a battery that stores excess green electricity from wind or solar energy and an electrolyser that turns it into green hydrogen. The unit automatically switches from loading to unloading and back. That depends on the supply of green electricity and the demand for electricity on the grid. The system is extremely flexible. It prevents grid congestion, it enables further developments in the field of solar and wind energy because excess power can be put to good use and it offers the cheapest way to make green hydrogen. Namely at times when green electricity is almost free or wind and solar parks would otherwise be shut down due to too much supply.

Solution for fluctuating wind and solar energy
Timmermans was in the Netherlands for the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam and wanted to visit companies involved in green hydrogen. He visited the first pilot plant of Battolyser Systems in Schiedam, accompanied by his cabinet members, Rotterdam alderman Robert Simons and people from the Port of Rotterdam Authority. “We explained the concept of the Battolyser to him and he immediately understood. He asked if we could offer the solution for the fluctuating wind and solar energy and we said: yes, we can. We are ready to help Europe meet its climate goals. He asked us how he could help us. This is mainly due to the regulation of this type of flexible systems and financing from Europe,” says spokesman Geert Wassens of Battolyser Systems.
First Battolyser installed
Although a combination with a battery, it is also the first electrolyser to be built in the Netherlands. The first Battolyser demonstration unit has now been installed at RWE's gas-fired Magnum power station in Groningen's Eemshaven. This is one of the largest power stations in the Netherlands and will use the hydrogen produced by the Battolyser system to cool its generators. RWE wants to test how it works. The intention is that the system will store renewable energy on an industrial scale or process it into green hydrogen.
First pilot plant
Battolyser Systems wants to build a large factory in the port of Rotterdam, where 1 gigawatt of Battolysers can be produced annually. This will be the first industrial production facility for green hydrogen equipment in the Netherlands and the largest in the world. Estimated cost of construction: 100 million euros. The new factory should be operational in 2025. In the meantime, the company moved into a temporary location in Schiedam in March this year. There the company can make 200 megawatts worth of battolysers per year. Battolyser Systems is now ready to produce and deliver the first Battolysers. These have a capacity of 5 megawatts and will be delivered at the end of 2024. In 2025, the company wants to supply Battolysers with a capacity of up to 500 megawatts. They can be used on an industrial scale.


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