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💫 In 2022, I decided to dedicate myself to making scientific research in the fields of nature and sustainability available to all of us, as this helps us to take action toward a healthier planet. And I’m super happy that Louis Yuen has a similar passion! Instead of writing articles for adults, he draws wonderful and impactful comics for children, which also address important environmental issues based on science. 💥 Two weeks ago, I decided to buy one of his comics as I’m impressed by his work and to support him. I very much enjoyed reading the comic because it is very interesting – even I learned something new – and because it is made with so much love and attention to detail! I smiled broadly many times even though the addressed issues are critical. And I can tell that he put a lot of effort in creating this comic book, not only because of the beautiful drawings and games, but also because he is working closely together with the scientists who did the scientific research. 💡 Also, we had a wonderful conversation last week, exchanging thoughts about how we can make an even bigger positive difference. One of the ideas was sharing these comics and the related educational programs with more schools, so that children can learn about these issues in a playful way. 💠 So, I would like to ask you for help: if you are in touch with a school – for example, your children’s school, the school next door, or the school you work at – are you willing to show one or more of his comics to them? This would be extremely helpful, as having knowledge about these issues from a young age allows children to make a positive difference for the rest of their lives. Also, when his work is being used, he will be able to create more comics! 📖 He has published so far 3 comics on Amazon, which you can find here (affiliate links): Volume 1:

Volume 2:

Volume 3:

💬 And feel also free to connect with Louis directly when you have questions, want to collaborate, or want to know more about his program:

Thank you in advance for your support as together we can achieve more!

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  • johnte ndeto

    3 w

    Keep up the great work in promoting accessibility to scientific research and sustainability efforts!

    • Princess

      4 w

      Visual storytelling, like Yuen's illustrations, can be a powerful tool in engaging people of all ages in environmental advocacy and action.

      • Louis Yuen

        3 w

        @princess_nel_268 - Thank you for your support, Princess!

      • Louis Yuen

        4 w

        Dr. Erlijn, Thank you for your support! We hope future generations can tackle climate change instead of fearing it. Today's youth have many ways to gear up for an eco-friendly future. Making daily climate actions part of our lifestyle is essential for sustainability. The Noella eBook series and its program provide children with essential guidance on their vital part in tackling climate change. Addressing the intricate challenges of climate change might be beyond our current generation, but could be within the reach of future ones.

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