Gerald Kutney's post

The #ClimateCrisis was NOT natural ... it was NOT an accident ... it was NOT a mistake ... it was NOT unavoidable. The #ClimateCrisis was deliberately engineered by the energy-industrial complex! The sordid tale is exposed in

🌍🔥 #ClimateBrawl 🔥🌍
  • Munene Mugambi

    17 w

    Time to challenge the status quo of the energy industry complex by introducing and using renewables

    • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

      17 w

      The comment suggests a perspective that the climate crisis is not a natural or accidental occurrence but rather deliberately engineered by the energy-industrial complex. It references a book titled "Climate Denial in American Politics: ClimateBrawl," indicating that the content may delve into the connections between climate denial and the energy-industrial complex in the context of American politics.

      • Lucinda Ramsay

        17 w

        I don't think it was deliberately engineered but I do think it was deliberately ignored. As soon as it was realised by the oil industry's own scientists in the 70s that the fossil fuel industry would destroy the climate it was hushed.

        • Gerald Kutney

          17 w

          @lucinda_ramsay Same thing. They knew what would happen and ensured that it would happen.

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