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Octopus Energy to Pour Billions in Offshore Wind Globally by 2030

UK green energy supplier Octopus Energy Group has announced that it will invest, through its generation arm, USD 20 billion (about GBP 15 billion) into offshore wind by 2030. The company said that this will go towards the generation of 12 GW of renewable electricity a year, enough to power 10 million homes. Octopus is targeting projects across the globe, with a focus on Europe, and already has several deals in the pipeline. It will back developers of new offshore wind farms as well as projects that are under construction operational, according to the press release.

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  • Jordan Edmondson

    47 w

    I'm so happy to be a customer with them

    • bonke reinhard

      47 w

      In deed people are very serious out side here can't wait to see how planet Earth will be in the near future

      • winnie nguru

        48 w

        They have big goals for our planet. its impressive

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