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Exciting #SET100 News: S4S Technologies, a 2021 SET Award Winner, Shines Again with the 2023 Earthshot Prize! 🏆 S4S Technologies , an agritech innovator, has been recognized for their impactful solar dryers, addressing food waste, rural poverty, and gender inequality in India. Their solution empowers women farmers and entrepreneurs, combining cutting-edge technology with practical support and training. What's driving S4S's success? 📈 Their initiative has already uplifted 300,000 women smallholder farmers, boosting their profits by 10-15%. 💰 Partnering with 2,000 female entrepreneurs, S4S has helped double or even triple their incomes, making a significant difference in their communities. 🌍 By 2025, S4S aims to expand their reach to three million smallholder farmers and 30,000 entrepreneurs, furthering their mission of sustainable and equitable growth. Join us in celebrating S4STechnologies' remarkable achievement in the Earthshot Prize and their ongoing commitment to transforming lives through innovation. 🔗Discover more about their journey and the impact of their solar dryers 👉

#Agritech #SustainableDevelopment #WomenEmpowerment #SET100 🌾🚀
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