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Exciting #SET100 News: Over Easy Solar and PlanPro Illuminate Switzerland with Vertical Green Roof Solar Project! 🌱 Breaking new ground, Over Easy Solar teamed up with Swiss solar pioneer PlanPRO to set up its cutting-edge Vertical Photovoltaic (VPV) in Beinwil am See. And it's turning heads. 🌡️ This #solarproject is a leap towards solving the complexities of rooftop solar installations, particularly on green and flat rooftops. Over Easy Solar's cutting-edge approach to solar energy addresses the usual weight and installation complexity challenges. Their solar solution is a perfect fit for previously off-limits rooftops. By standing panels up, they conquer wind lift and evenly distribute weight.
⏩ The Over Easy Solar Difference: It's all about taking solar vertical. 🔌 Launched in 2021, this startup is synonymous with agility, rapidly transforming solar concepts into market-ready innovations. ☀️ True to their name, they've made #solarinstallations easy. Ditching the heavy lifting for a smarter, streamlined approach. Densely populated urban spaces, once thought impossible places for solar, can now take advantage of the energy source. 🏠The Beinwil am See initiative particularly highlighted the simplicity and efficiency of retrofitting the system onto a green roof, impressing PlanPRO with the speed and ease of installation. Cheers to OverEasySolar and PlanPRO. 🎉 Get all the details on this innovative leap forward 👉

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  • walter lungayi

    5 w

    Over Easy Solar and PlanPro's collaboration is a commendable effort towards sustainable energy solutions. This innovative project showcases the potential for integrating renewable energy and green infrastructure.

    • Chris Ndungu

      6 w

      This is a monumental innovation. Energy driven to enhance proper development & implementation of solar energy ought to be given a salute.

      • Gorffly mokua

        6 w

        Indeed this is exciting news seeing innovative solutions being developed and implemented in the field of solar energy.

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