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Climate vs. nutrition: Swedish government plans to ignore the environmental impact of new dietary guidelines

Don't touch the Swedes' IKEA meatballs! Concerns are mounting over Sweden's decision to overlook the environmental impact of the new dietary guidelines (NNR) proposed by Nordic nutrition experts. These guidelines highlight the importance of reducing red meat consumption and incorporating more plant-based options, taking into account both health and climate considerations. However, the Swedish government declared its intention to focus on the nutritional aspects and disregard the climate implications.
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Minister for Rural Affairs Peter Kullgren from the Christian Democrats party wrote that "the Swedish implementation of NNR23 in the national dietary advice should only be based on the nutritional physiology parts of the study". According to Kullgren, NNR directs "unvarnished criticism" towards beef, something he believes Sweden will rather have to increase its production of (🤡🤡🤡) not decrease.
Critiques argue that such a decision is short-sighted, especially in the climate crisis. It's well-known that food systems, including livestock production, significantly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. By ignoring the environmental dimension of the guidelines, Sweden risks missing out on a crucial opportunity to reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainable food choices. But are we surprised? This seems to have become the new norm with the current government.

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  • George Kariuki

    51 w

    It is essential for governments to incorporate sustainability considerations into dietary recommendations.

    • Tabitha Kimani

      51 w

      Sweden should consider the environmental impact

      • Kevin

        51 w

        Concerns of the environment interacting with those of dietetics calls for more research from the governmnet involved.

        • Munene Mugambi

          51 w

          This is sad. Environmental concerns cannot be ignored

          • Patrick Kiash

            51 w

            Every coin has two sides of its bargain, it's sad to note the Minister of Rural Affairs is only considering one side of the coin 🪙 which is more production that translates to me he favours profit over the people, and that is a short sighted decision. Mostly prevention is better than cure, he needs to reconsider the matter.

            • Marine Stephan

              52 w

              But whaaaaat???? Of course, people need to be "healthy" thanks to their "nutritious" food when they will die from heatwave or forest fires (🤡)

              • walter lungayi

                52 w

                So disappointing to see Swedish government planning to ignore the environmental impact of new dietary guidelines.

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