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Greenwashing - everybody knows it's bad for your brand image. Why do companies still greenwash, then? 🌿
The three most common forms of greenwashing are hidden trade-offs, no proof, and vagueness. Outright lying only accounts for less than 1% of greenwashing cases. (Source: TerraChoice) ➡️ Most companies greenwash inadvertently. 
Learn why companies strive to be seen as "green" in today's economy, why and how greenwashing happens, what it could cost you, and how to avoid it in our whitepaper. 🔽 
#greenwashing #whitepaper #sustainability

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  • Adam Wallin

    50 w

    The finding that most companies greenwash inadvertently is really important - this is mostly a case of lack of understanding, and better information can help companies communicate well without greenwashing! Thank you for writing a whitepaper on the subject.

    • Sarah Chabane

      51 w

      Super interesting! What would you say are the most common signs of greenwashing these days?

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