Jane Wangui's post

Killed lions
Pastoralists are being suspected of killing an Olobor lion.This animals should be protected at all cost because they are at the blink of extinction.KWS should do all that it can to ensure that this will not happen again.Wild animals need to be looked after.

  • johnte ndeto

    6 w

    Serious measures should be put in place to protect lions from unnecessary killings

    • Munene Mugambi

      8 w

      Usually, I feel the KWS does not do enough to protect our wildlife from poaching and separating them from herders

      • Jane Wangui

        8 w

        @munene_mugambi They do not do enough!!!! Look at the times when people have taken matters in their own hands when lions break from their restricted areas to harm their children and herd.

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