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Storage Systems for the Energy Transition: Voltstorage Receives 24 Million Euro in Funding

#SET100 News: Voltstorage raises $25m in Series C funding from Cummins Inc., an industry-leading US-American developer and distributor of engines, and power generation products. 🔅 Our 2020 finalists in the Energy Distribution & Storage category, Voltstorage develops and produces solar power storage systems based on the Vanadium Redox Flow (VRF) technology. VRF differs from lithium-based solutions as it is free from rare earth and conflict materials, completely recyclable, and has a high level of operational safety and durability. The SET Team congratulates them on this new investment, part of which will go to developing a new iron salt-based battery. 👀 #SET your sights on these innovative start-ups, helping accelerate efficient and flexible storage solutions. 📌 Find out more on @EnergyStorageNews 👉 Visit their homepage for more 👉 #investment #energystorage #solar #energysolutions

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      Great innovations towards solving the climate crisis.

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