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How Sustainable Is Coachella?

One report found that festivals like Coachella generate 214,000 pounds of waste each festival day — only a fifth of which gets recycled, with the remaining 80% ending up in landfills. There are ways you can help, too

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  • George Kariuki

    12 w

    Exploring carbon offset programs could be a way to mitigate the environmental impact of travel and energy use. Coachella needs to implement more systemic changes.

    • Boniface Kuria

      13 w

      Well, this shows that Coachella really has put some effort to make it more sustainable. However, the article gives better ways that could make it more sustainable. The organizers should read this article and adopt the measures it proposes.

      • Simon Bergbom

        13 w

        Hi, why is this climate idea targeted at Joe Biden?

        • Princess

          13 w

          Addressing the environmental impact of festivals like Coachella requires a collective effort.

          • johnte ndeto

            13 w

            Quite brilliant of Coachella

            • Rashid Kamau

              13 w

              @johnte_ndeto This is great of them.

            • Joseph Githinji

              13 w

              Great insights indeed, hope Coachella organisers can adopt this measures and discourage the use of single used plastics and better transportion mechanisms that use clean and/or renewable energy.

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