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Johannes Luiga

33 w


Climate love

Swedish people cutting their electricity consumption substantially

Really encouraging to see that Swedish households are saving between 15-20 % on their electricity consumption. For instance, in our family we have cut our electricity consumption by 50 % compared to September 2021 and I’m very encouraged to see many do the same. We do dishwashing and laundry late at night and have 1-2 degrees Celsius colder than before indoors. It’s cosier as well to use slippers and light candles 😊

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  • Adam Wallin

    33 w

    Yes! I was encouraged to hear about this as well. Too bad that we needed a humanitarian and energy crisis to make it happen, but hopefully we have learned something from this!

    • We Don't Have Time Kenya Chapter

      33 w

      That's so outstanding.

      • Tomas Roovete

        33 w

        Great work and a suggestion from the oil crisis back in 1973 - "Take the shower together."

        • Ulrica Salomonsson

          33 w

          Agree, and thanks 😊

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