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Our founding member Angela is EU Climate Pact Ambassador from the very beginning since 2021. For a citizen engagement activity she conducted a book review of „Exit-Strategy climate currency ECO – reaching our climate targets with personal emissions budgets“.
The authors argue that the political measures taken to date are not sufficient to achieve the climate targets. They therefore propose shifting emissions trading to the citizen level and introducing a fair per capita CO2 budget. The participants have reviewed various sections of the book in several meetings and discussed this alternative climate protection approach.
➡️ The outcome has shown that in principle the idea of a personal, tradable emission budget is very well accepted. Especially the fact that everything would receive an additional price label in the climate currency ECO (Earth Carbon Obligation) that would make the complete CO2 footprint visible.
💡 Also the fact, that rich people would have to pay for their fossil over consumption by buying further needed CO2 quotas from those who don’t need their budget in total.
📢 In the end there have been mainly doubts of the realization. Some of the book review participants have reservations regarding the political acceptance of such a system.

💚 As conclusion it can be said that for most of the participants this citizen engagement was very helpful to mainly understand the dimensions that are needed in emissions reduction to achieve the climate goals. They see personal carbon budgets helpful for collective action and individual responsibility in tackling the climate crisis👍🗺️

If you would like to form your own opinion, you have the opportunity to download the book as a free e-book: english e-Book german e-book
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