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In a world seeking sustainable solutions, can smart mobility be the game-changer cities need? 🌍 Last week we covered the significance of #heattransition for smart cities, today we delve into e-mobility! With road transportation contributing to over 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions, posing significant dangers to our planet and health, it's time for a transformative change. The recent EU bans on fossil fuel cars are clear indicators that an e-mobility system is not just desirable, but essential for a sustainable future! These three ground-breaking #SET100 start-ups can bring e-mobility to your cities today: 🚗 eDRVio unleashes the power of electric vehicle charging management with user-friendly APIs. Allowing seamless integration with a wide range of pre-tested AC and DC charging equipment, the start-up is accelerating the deployment of sustainable charging infrastructure. 🔌 PIONIX's open-source OS, EVerest, is revolutionising EV charging stations, promoting compatibility and accessibility for all. With their solution you can say goodbye to charging compatibility woes! ⚡ Elonroad lets you experience the road of tomorrow. Their innovation transforms roads into smart energy infrastructure, charging EVs on the go (or while standing still) thus significantly boosting their range. More on what comes next in e-mobility 👉

Stay tuned for our next post, where we'll explore the crucial role of battery storage networks in shaping sustainably smart cities #OpenSource #AccessibleCharging #InnovativeInfrastructure
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