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Evangeline Wanjiru

15 w

Volvo Cars

Climate love

Switch to sell Electric only cars

When Volvo's then-CEO Hakan Samuelsson declared that the firm would concentrate on electrification in the upcoming years with a target of selling a million electrified cars by 2025, Volvo established itself as somewhat of a pioneer in the auto industry. It's doing okay there—a quarter of its sales in 2021 were plug-in hybrids or battery-electric cars, and that number increased to one in three in 2022.

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"Remarkable:" Volvo to sell electric only cars in Australia by 2026

Volvo Australia says it will sell electric only cars from 2026, four years ahead of the target set by its parent company.

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  • Johannes Luiga

    6 w

    great climate leadership from Volvo Cars!

    • Evangeline Wanjiru

      8 w

      Total Game changer

      • Edwin wangombe

        15 w

        Volvo is a game changer in the automotive World... Proud of you @Volvo

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