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📣 Exciting News! 🚀 Colorado's abandoned oil and gas wells are being cleaned up through a groundbreaking cross-industry partnership. CarbonPath, Civitas Resources, and Greenfield Environmental Solutions are joining forces to address this critical issue. Senator John Hickenlooper recently toured an abandoned well site in Adams County to witness the innovative methods used to plug these wells. Senator Hickenlooper applauded the collaboration in how they’re progress in preventing methane leaks and toxic emissions while creating local jobs. “This collaboration exemplifies a successful public-private partnership advancing market-driven solutions for the benefit of all Coloradans,” Said Tyler Crabtree, CEO of CarbonPath. By closing abandoned wells, we safeguard our environment and communities. Learn more about the partners: - CarbonPath: Preventing carbon and methane emissions by permanently shutting down orphaned and abandoned oil wells.
- Civitas Resources: Colorado's first carbon-neutral oil and gas producer, committed to sustainable operations.
- Greenfield Environmental Solutions: A leading decommissioning company, offering comprehensive solutions for P&A, methane quantification, and land reclamation. Learn more about their work. Together, we're creating a sustainable future for Colorado. 🌍🌱 #CleanUpColorado #Sustainability #ReFi #Hickenlooper

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