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Latin American biggest initiative to support the Sustainable Development Goals ! 🌎 The Fundación Avina is a huge network across Latin America that aims at building and strengthening collaborative processes of change among stakeholders from different sectors. From boosting social impat and 'innovation with purpose', involving new business models and cutting-edge technology, they have accelerated change for a better world like no one else in this part of the world. Indeed, it is now a network of more than 8000 partners. One example of their several project is the new energy matrix for Chile that will transform the energy grid in Chile. Governments incorporated energy scenarios into their long-term energy policies. The Energía 2050 (2050 Energy) program was created in Chile; in Argentina, the Visión de la Transición Energética al 2050 (2050 Vision for Energy Transition) program was launched. There is so much more to read. I suggest you visit their website: https://www.avina.net/en/home/ Full report on Chile energy transition: https://www.avina.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/04_Energy.pdf Interview of Leonardo Moreno, director of the Fundación (Es): https://www.elrepuertero.cl/noticia/sociedad/leonardo-moreno-director-de-fundacion-avina-pulsamos-los-cambios-desde-las-diferenc Read more Image of post in feedfeed
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