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Erlijn van Genuchten

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Ecosystem Value

Climate idea

As we are part of nature, we need to protect and restore natural ecosystems

Nature is not something outside of us, we are part of it. And we depend on it for example for oxygen and clean water. However, as the number of humans has increased, many natural processes have changed. For example, increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere contribute due to burning fossil fuels has caused global warming, which has a large impact on other processes. In the last 60 years, 56% of all carbon emissions were removed from the atmosphere by natural processes. But this natural removal is threatened, as trees are harvested and forest areas are converted into farm lands or urban areas. Replanting trees doesn't completely compensate for the loss of carbon absorption, as undisturbed forests contain plants, animals, insects, fungi, lichens, and soil full of bacteria and viruses. Additionally, oceans are becoming more acidic, killing coral reefs and other living creatures and reducing the ocean's ability to absorb carbon. Luckily, it is possible to reverse these negative effects by protecting and restoring natural ecosystems. In this article, I explain how this can be done:

4 Ways To Protect Natural Ecosystems And Save Our Planet

How we can protect and restore natural habitats

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  • Sameen Shahid

    8 w

    Walking the talk is the key 🔑

    • Joseph Githinji

      8 w

      Great article, all this are doable, let's all work to save our ecosystems.

      • Munene Mugambi

        8 w

        We need to protect ecosystems to ensure they'll protect us

        Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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