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Calling all businesses and organizations who want to help to further the plant-based movement! The European Commission is considering updating the EU School Scheme so that plant-based milk alternatives are included as well as cow’s milk, and we need your help.
The European Parliament is voting on the 8th of May on the possibility of adding plant-based milk alternatives to the EU School Scheme. This voting will inform the Commission’s proposal, which is scheduled to be published by the end of this year.
A coalition of plant-based food organizations has drafted a joint position letter to call for the inclusion of plant-based drinks in the Scheme, to recognise the needs of all school children who cannot or do not want to drink cow's milk for medical, ethical, taste, or environmental reasons. Including fortified plant-based milk alternatives is essential in terms of inclusion, availability, sustainability and affordability.
The letter is open for organizations to sign. Timeline:
You will have until Monday 28th April (Friday) to sign
You can Sign Here and add your Logo Here
The letter will be sent to the European Parliament on 3rd May (Wednesday)

Your signature will help us make a greater impact, and demonstrate to decision makers the widespread support behind the proposal.
Thank you - we will forward you the final letter once it is ready.

Many thanks in advance,
The Oatly team
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