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🚀 Launching Insights from Innovators! Curious about the entrepreneurial journey? In this new series, #SET100 start-ups give you the inside scoop on their best practices, toughest challenges, and the lessons learned along the way. We're thrilled to kick off Insights with Innovators with Juergen Mayerhofer, CEO and Co-Founder of enspired. 👏 Enspired, a specialized digital trading firm, boasts Europe's fastest #AI trading platform in the short-term power market and is backed by a team that comprises 70% tech experts. Managing over 8+ billion data points, the start-up values knowledge sharing and 100% transparency 🎯 Today's Takeaway from the Frontlines Jürgen distills the essence of ensuring early-stage start-up success into one key principle: “Build the best founding team on this planet - they will figure it out (...)!”
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Let's Hear Your Team Story 🔎 Are you a #SET100 start-up eager to showcase your work and insights through this series? Reach out to Akanksha Ranjan to find out how to participate. Find out more about enspired 👉

Stay tuned for more #SET100Insights from cutting-edge #climatetech start-ups on topics like funding, innovation, and more! #startupecosystem #bestpractices #climatetechstartups
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