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Folksam levels up the sustainability of their funds, improves their sustainability score

Folksam is a Swedish insurance company that provides unit-linked insurance to its customers. In our latest analysis, they rise up as one of the best thanks to their work with selecting funds with a high level of sustainability and helping their customers make better investment decisions. Folksam is one of the top insurance companies in our 2023 report “Sustainable unit-linked insurances”.
Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay
Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay

Every year, Söderberg & Partners evaluate Sweden’s 13 biggest providers of unit-linked insurance — insurance that allows long-time investment of your occupational pension, with a range of different funds to choose from — to determine how well they integrate sustainability into their offerings. The companies are given a green, yellow, red, or grey score, where green is the best and red is the worst. A grey score means that the company’s model differs too much from the other companies in the analysis, meaning that it can’t be evaluated in all four criteria and therefore get a grey total score. This year, we had 4 companies reach a green score when considering all criteria (up from 3 in 2022).
Our analysis to determine the top companies offering unit-linked insurance looks at four areas: Sustainability in the selection of funds, engagement work, communication and transparency, and supply of funds. Folksam decides on which funds to include in their supply based on internal and external sustainability analyses. They aim to include funds that either promote environmental or social characteristics, or have sustainable investment as their objective. As a result, a lot of their selected funds get a green score in our sustainability analysis, and they communicate it well to their customers by providing them with filter tools and with plentiful sustainability information about each of the funds on their platform.
In terms of engagement work, Folksam regularly contacts funds that are flagged in their regular screenings to ask how they are working with it. If they notice a lack of will to change, the fund will be removed from their supply to make sure that they work with funds that want to be a part of the transition. Read the full report (in Swedish):

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    Folksam is going in the right direction!

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