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In FuelsEurope's "Clean Fuels for All" campaign, which explains the history, purpose, and potential of sustainable fuels in achieving the European Union's climate neutrality targets by 2050, the WRC will be a key case study. The campaign will have information available in the service areas of every WRC round held in Europe. A Brussels-based organization called Fuels Europe represents businesses that produce and distribute liquid fuel. It aims to draw attention to how important renewable fuels are to the movement to decarbonize the transportation industry. When compared to fossil-based fuels, sustainable fuels have no or very low net CO2 emissions during production and use. They are liquid fuels of non-petroleum origin. In the shift to a climate-neutral economy, they have a strategic role to play.

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  • George Kariuki

    51 w

    this campaign can effectively demonstrate how these fuels contribute to the overall decarbonization of the transportation industry.

    • Joseph Githinji

      51 w

      This is amazing, hope in the future we can have all cars participating both in track and those of fanatics using clean, green and renewable energy.

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