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#GlobalRecyclingDay: 18th March 2024 happens to be the Global Recycling Day. This year the theme is Recycling Hero's. We are embracing best practices in waste generated through promoting reduce, reuse and recycle across entities and cities level along with infusing alternatives. However, its time to optimize the use as well at source itself and why manufacture when we cannot recycle hard to abate substances. In this voyage of reducing emissions from wastes, let's celebrate the people who are the real heroes, be it informal or formal waste segregators who make the recycling happen by placing it at the place where they belong for recycling. Thank and acknowledge the efforts of all those who are responsible for making entities facilities operations and value chain taking strategic action on waste reduction measures and communities in cities for striving to be clean and green. Celebrate the individual people who practice reduce, reuse and recycle and use biodegradable products. Entities taking action in recycling and embracing circular economy, here's a applaud to all of you. Let's keep the efforts on and make the planet a better place to live and sustain. #Entities #Recycling #People #Planet #Profit #CircularEconomy #CelebrateEfforts

  • Munene Mugambi

    4 w

    Let us all encourage others and ourselves to uphold our conservation efforts to a higher standard. We have to make the right moves in recycling, reusing and reducing our wastes especially in virtue of accomplishing the circular economy that we all are aiming for.

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