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UK grants a go_ahead for production of oil and gas in the North Sea

Britain has authorized new production of oil and gas in the North sea. The north sea transition authority, a UK oil and gas regulator said in a statement that it has granted development and production consent for the Rosebank field plan, an announcement that follows government diluting its net zero targets, and it has spark anger from environmental campaigners.

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  • Videlis Eddie

    32 w

    shame on UK

    • Vivienne Austin

      37 w

      The UK government is a disgrace and are just looking after the 1%’s interest. How do we stop this?

      • George Kariuki

        37 w

        Disappointing to see the UK going rogue in phasing out fossil fuels.

        • Saustine Lusanzu

          37 w

          Phase out fossil fuels must be applied

          • Elizabeth Gathigia

            37 w

            UK and all other nations should end their addiction to fossil fuel, they should see transition to renewable energies is the future

            • walter lungayi

              37 w

              The UK's decision to allow new oil and gas production in the North Sea is concerning, especially after the government diluted its net zero targets. It's disappointing that environmental concerns are being overlooked in favor of short-term economic gains.

              • Rashid Kamau

                37 w

                In order to avoid the worsening effects of climate change, nations need to phase out fossil fuels.

                • rosebellendiritu

                  37 w

                  We don't have space for oils Britain should know this

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