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Our latest mailer features a deep dive into the disappearance of the great white shark from South Africa’s coast, some inspiring ocean movie must-sees, and a closer look at the recently tracked full migration cycle of a southern right whale. Here's a little snippet 📃👇🐋 
For the first time ever, the full migration cycle of an Australian southern right whale has been tracked, showing just how far these gentle giants travel and underscoring a profound truth—in the ocean, everything is connected. In the vast expanse of the ocean, whales undertake remarkable journeys. Along "migration superhighways", corridors in the sea they navigate year after year, whales confront threats like overfishing, pollution, and ship strikes. They traverse the big blue by using familiar coastlines—knowledge passed down from mother to calf— following what scientists believe is a combination of the Earth’s magnetism and the sun’s position in the sky. These whale migration routes cross the high seas and transcend nations’ borders, emphasising the urgent need for international governance in these critical waters. Such collaboration is key to achieving 30x30 conservation goals and ensuring the protection of "blue corridors", where whales feed, mate, give birth, and nurse their young. Whales’ journeys know no boundaries and neither should our approach to protecting them. This is why the ratification of the High Seas Treaty is so important. To protect one part of the ocean, we have to protect the whole.
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  • Munene Mugambi

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    Gotta learn more about this to know about this great species and how it's been affected in the recent past. Subscribed

    • Peter Kamau

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      On to my subscription. This is amazing

      • Tabitha Kimani

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        Nice one

        • Sarah Chabane

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          Oh, I didn't know! Subscribing right away!

          • Sarah Rumboll

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