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For sacrificing endangered species on account of "cultural heritage"

While COP15 is going on in Montreal, EU fisheries ministers are negotiating fishing rules on a large number of species in the EU's Atlantic waters. One of these species is the endangered eel. The fish is acutely threatened, compared to 1950, only about 1–5% of the stock remains. The eel's complicated life cycle and long journeys across large parts of the world make it extra vulnerable. Overfishing is one cause of its extinction, but pollution and destroyed habitats have also had a major impact. The eel has existed on Earth for 70 million years - but in less than half a decade it has almost completely disappeared. The EU has proposed an extended ban period for eel fishing: from three to six months. The Swedish government is refusing this new rule. Minister for Rural Affairs Peter Kullgren (KD) justifies it by saying that eel fishing is a cultural heritage that should be protected. The Climate and Environment Minister Romina Pourmokhtari (L) also agrees with this decision from the government, to "preserve the fishing industry and businesses that work with eel fishing". How are you supposed to have a cultural heritage if it disappears? The fact that a few privileged people can eat eel for Christmas is not a good argument to lead to the extinction of a species. Time for the government to start caring about biodiversity.

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  • Marine Stephan

    79 w

    isn't the point of cultural heritage to be "inherited"??? How can it be if it disappears? They really need to stop fishing the eel!

    • Tabitha Kimani

      79 w

      The EEL should be conserved to avoid extinction. Even the "cultural" heritage would seize if the EEL are no more.

      • Ulrica Salomonsson

        79 w

        Agree, but according to a Swedish documentary "Fiskarnas rike", the fishing industry for eel is a very small part and gets the big concern, when the hydropower plants kills the most eels. And only yesterday this news came:

        • Sarah Chabane

          79 w

          @ulrica_ullis_westman interesting, thanks for sharing, I knew that hydropower could be an issue!

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