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Houston, Texas confirms first heat-related death

Houston, Texas has just confirmed its first heat-related death. Victor Ramos, 67, was found in his home in south-west Houston, which did not have air conditioning. He died on 24 June in hospital. Ramos’ sister Karla told local Houston news outlet KHOU that her brother Ramos could not afford to fix his broken AC unit since he was let go from his job in March. It’s been an incredible day of extreme weather in many parts of the globe, with often deadly weather events. As the human-caused climate crisis bites and the El Niño weather pattern accelerates the effects, we’ll continue to bring you coverage of the intense heatwaves, floods and storms bringing havoc to many countries, as they develop.

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  • Lucinda Ramsay

    43 w

    This is a tragedy. We must also find good alternatives to Air conditioning which produces heat externally while cooling spaces internally and is no solution to climate change as it is not environmentally friendly. Housing architecture and eco air cooling systems will have to be made available to all who are living in areas of rising temperatures.

    • Richard Orengo

      43 w

      There is need of a considerable action and awareness.

      • Princess

        43 w

        Extreme heat events can be dangerous to health – even fatal. 

        • Rashid Kamau

          43 w

          @princess_nel_268 Can as well cause severe dehydration, stroke and contribute to the formation of clots.

        • winnie nguru

          43 w

          This is worrying

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