Driving Innovation Building Capacities: Impulsouth's Impact on Climate Action

From enhancing individual capacities to facilitating South-South cooperation between research institutions: results from three years since the creation of the Impulsouth initiative.
From enhancing individual capacities to facilitating South-South cooperation between research institutions: results from three years since the creation of the Impulsouth initiative.

Impulsouth is a coalition of organizations working to increase knowledge and capacity on climate action in developing countries, seeking to strengthen southern engagement with the Paris Agreement, fostering south-south cooperation, and bridging the gap between local and global efforts in climate governance. The initiative is led by Fundación AVINA, IDRC, FLACSO-Ecuador, and United Nations University (UNU).
Operating across six countries – the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Madagascar, Niger, Uganda, and Zambia – Impulsouth is committed to empowering new actors in climate action through research, education, and innovation. At the core of its mission lies building the capacities of individuals and institutions, recognizing it as a cornerstone for driving meaningful change towards a just transition.
During its first phase (2021-2024), Impulsouth supported research on climate change, delivered virtual training courses for young climate professionals, launched Solutions labs to support young leaders in implementing solutions, and supported engagement in global governance spaces.

Impulsouth Main Results 2021-2024

In terms of research, six national reports on capacity and knowledge needs and gaps were developed regarding capacities and knowledge, crafted with a common action research methodology. The reports encompass a series of recommendations, needs, and gaps that must be addressed to advance adaptation planning, particularly concerning the assessment of climate impacts, vulnerabilities, and risks with a gender emphasis in the project's focal countries.
Training was provided through the course “Climate Leadership: From Commitments to Action”, where a total of 114 young professionals, of which 63% were women, participated in three cohorts during the 2022 and 2023 courses with 62 individuals obtaining certification.
Through a Solutions Lab, 31 climate action ideas were developed, with 20 being incubated. Leveraging a blend of seed grants, mentorship, and training, young leaders from Latin America and Africa converted their ideas into impactful solutions that benefited communities impacted by climate change. The stories of 17 of these young individuals were featured in a "Stories to Inspire Climate Action" series, which serves as a testament to the power of youth leadership and innovation. You can read the stories here.
Finally, for global governance, Impulsouth has enhanced the capacities of emerging leaders in the Global South, equipping 400 individuals with knowledge about global climate negotiations through short training sessions. The webinars are available for public use here.
This holistic strategy underscored the alliance's commitment to building resilient and inclusive communities, poised to tackle the pressing climate issues of our time. With a renewed sense of purpose, Impulsouth looks towards the future, poised to build upon its achievements and drive even greater impact in the second phase of the project.
  • Sarah Chabane

    1 w

    This is so important, everyone needs to be part of the climate transition, I hope you will be sharing some of the stories from Impulsouth members!

    • Adam Wallin

      1 w

      The Global South has to be a part of the transition, projects like these are crucial for the transition. Great news!

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