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Where does the cotton in your shirt come from? This Dutch company knows it

By: Romy de Weert
Do you know where the cotton of your T-shirt comes from? Like many companies, you're probably still in the dark. But soon it will be mandatory for companies to have insight into the entire supply chain. The Dutch tex.tracer helps them with this. With a new investment of 1.5 million euros, the company wants to scale up and expand abroad.
Tex.tracer helps fashion and textile companies gain insight into the entire supply chain of a product. For example, from the moment a cotton plant is harvested, until the T-shirt hangs in the store. “Companies often have to deal with hundreds of suppliers. It is quite a job to get all those parties on your mind,” says Jolanda Kooi, co-founder and CEO of tex.tracer.

QR code for consumers
When a company works with tex.tracer, they get access to a dashboard. “The data we collect based on the input supplied by a company provides insight into the chain and thus also how much CO2 emissions a product causes. Only then can you make well-founded choices to make a certain product more sustainable.” This can be done, for example, by choosing a different supplier or by using other materials.

Tex.tracer makes all those intermediaries transparent for fashion brands. The fashion brands can then decide to include the consumer in the journey a garment makes before it hangs in the closet. This can be done, for example, with a QR code on the label of a piece of clothing.
And making that transparent is also badly needed. “A few years ago we were a nice to have. Now it is becoming a must-have for companies,” says Kooi. She is referring to the forthcoming European legislation. The CSRD (which requires companies to report on CO2 emissions and the impact on human rights and biodiversity), the EPR for textiles (making manufacturers of clothing and textiles responsible for collection) and the product passport (in which the composition and data of products throughout the chain is established).
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  • Sarah Chabane

    66 w

    Great solution for more transparency in the apparel industry

    • Munene Mugambi

      66 w

      The Dutch seem to be ahead in everything

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