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CorPower Ocean deploys first C4 wave energy converter in Portugal.

CorPower Ocean has achieved the successful installation of its first commercial-scale Wave Energy Converter (WEC) in northern Portugal, marking a significant stride in advancing wave energy as a viable and financially sustainable technology for widespread implementation. The CorPower C4 device was launched at the Viana do Castello port and later transported to the Aguçadoura.Following its connection to a pre-installed UMACK anchor on the seabed, the device was linked to the Portuguese national grid via a subsea export cable. The next phase involves a comprehensive commissioning program, during which the device's functionalities and operational modes will be systematically verified. This program will also include testing of offshore Operations and Maintenance (O&M) procedures, encompassing service access, device retrieval, and the towing process back to the on-land service base located in Viana do Castelo. "This is a big milestone for CorPower Ocean and a very exciting chapter for marine energy,” said CorPower Ocean CEO Patrik Möller.  “I am hugely proud of the entire CorPower Ocean team who have worked relentlessly to make this happen. The effort of the team and our partners to take us here is simply remarkable.” Before its deployment, the C4 underwent an extensive one-year dry test program in Stockholm, where it was subjected to simulated wave loading to fine-tune and troubleshoot the system. The C4 features cutting-edge technology designed to unlock the complete potential of wave energy on a utility scale. This includes built-in storm protection to withstand extreme conditions and advanced control technology for optimized power capture during regular sea states.  CorPower Director of Integration & Testing Jean-Michel Chauvet said: “We are now entering an exciting phase demonstrating our first commercial scale machine. This builds on 40 years of scientific research followed by a decade of structured engineering to deliver a step-change improvement to the performance and reliability of wave energy.”

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  • winnie nguru

    40 w

    This is a huge achievement

    • Edwin wangombe

      40 w

      These types of inventions make me smile knowing that there is hope to do away with fossil fuels once and for all

      • Elizabeth Gathigia

        40 w

        It's a great achievements

        • Hilda Wangui

          40 w

          Great milestone

          • Annett Michuki..

            40 w


            • bonke reinhard

              40 w

              this motivating

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