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🚀 Forbes reports a remarkable surge in climate equity transactions from $75B to a whopping $196B in just 3 years! But that's not all - start-ups from #emergingmarkets are driving this wave! While the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank affects many climate start-ups being built and scaled, the climate ecosystem is diversifying its financing! Dependence on single financial institutions wanes as 330+ new impact, ESG and sustainability funds were launched from 2019 through 2022. 💡 Emerging markets are the powerhouses of #climateinnovation:
⚡️ India's vibrant tech ecosystem, home to an expansive talent pool skilled in software development, deep science, and #productinnovation, saw a 4x increase in climate tech funding. ⚡️ Africa experiences an exponential rise in climate tech venture capital, climate tech #startups across the continent secured over $860 million in equity funding, a 3.5x increase from previous years. We're thrilled to witness groundbreaking global #greenenergysolutions emerge from climate-affected communities! 🌍 Discover the shifting landscape of #climatetechnology and how diverse financing fuels exciting start-up opportunities 👉

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