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Sultan Al Jaber

Climate warning

Carbon Capture is not the answer, we need a proper plan to phase out fossil fuels!

Trying to fool the public into trusting Carbon Capture as a solution to C02 emissions while your company increases production? COP 28 is a last chance opportunity to really lead the world in a new direction without fossil fuel!

Do you agree?

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  • Princess

    28 w

    I strongly agree with you 💯.


      29 w

      All that is being said is that fossil fuels needs to be phased out but no one has come up with a solution that will aid in the phasing out

      • Princess

        29 w

        Transitioning to sustainable energy sources and implementing effective policies are crucial components in addressing the broader issue of climate change.

        • rosebellendiritu

          30 w

          I think every year (cops)this discussion always pops out on the plan to put in place to phase out fossils,but when will we get solutions from these meetings?tired of talks without actions

          • Peter Kamau

            30 w

            Indeed concrete plans should be made to address carbon emissions

            • Jane Wangui

              29 w

              @peter_kamau And when the plans are made, they should be followed to the latter.proper implementations should be done too.

            • Abraham Jok Atem

              30 w

              I strongly agree that we need a proper plan to phase out fossil fuels

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