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IT'S TIME TO PUT OUR MONEY WHERE OUR MOUTHS ARE: the initial Loss & Damage Fund is a Red Herring. We have the chance to lead… Global North leaders, why aren’t you doing so?
--> Last week, Global North students in America and France called John Kerry and Macron to be the Climate Leaders we need! We made more than 50 calls and emails to demand that we fund the UN Loss & Damage Fund, and we're gathering again on Monday, JOIN US!

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1. We must prioritize equity if we want a livable planet. And there’s a policy that does just that: Loss & Damage Fund established at COP15. According to the agreements, we owe $1 Trillion to Global South Countries since the promised $100 billion per year starting in 2009.
2. $4 trillion dollars. That’s the bare minimum lost due to the ongoing climate crisis we are facing. 2,000,000 people. That’s the min number of lives estimated to be lost to climate-related events. The consequences of climate change are not equally distributed. Marginalized communities bear the brunt of the burdens and don’t have the resources to adapt to the climate crisis. We have a way to reverse this pattern & STAY UNDER THE 1.5ºC THRESHOLD.
4. We can only do this if the industrialized countries responsible for the bulk of GHG emissions help countries that are still developing develop sustainably. the agreed Loss & Damage Fund. Actualizing the Loss & Damage Fund will be economical and essential for the sustainable development of the Global North, TOO!
The climate action toolkit includes a NOVEL POLICY PROPOSAL with 3 STEPS TOWARD FEASIBLE ECONOMIC POLICY -- TIME TO MAKE THE $ MOVE! Do read the action toolkit & more below.

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