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This is the first time the ECHR has considered a case involving the effects of climate change on human rights.It comes after six years of fighting in Swiss courts with no results.Heatwaves are becoming more common and temperatures are rising faster than the global norm in Switzerland.
The women of Switzerland, who name themselves the Club of Climate Seniors and are, on average, 73 years old, claim that climate change threatens their human rights, health, and even their lives. Their medical records are a key piece of proof in their case.They are asking the ECHR to mandate that Switzerland do more to cut carbon emissions.

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Elisabeth Stern, a climate change activist, told the BBC, "Due to climate change, we have more heatwaves and older women suffer more." During heatwaves, their mortality rates are higher than normal.Why complain, they say; you're going to perish soon enough. But we don't want to be sacrificed because the Swiss government can't formulate a workable climate strategy.

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