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Sarah Chabane

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Climate love

Meet the West European Crude Oil Pipeline, a new crude oil pipeline crossing Europe?

Meet the WECOP (West European Crude Oil Pipeline) the oil pipeline and tank network that will transport oil from the North Sea oil fields, including the new Rosebank fields, to key points in the Western European energy system for both domestic use and export to global markets. The project includes three oil fields, Abigail, Rosebank, and Jackdaw, which will produce a total of 118,573 barrels of oil per day
It covers a distance of 1,443 km from the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands to Marseille in France. The system connects 3 existing sections of the Central Europe Pipeline System (CEPS) that will be refurbished and 2 entirely new sections between Brussels and Valenciennes, and between the Grandpuits refinery and the city of Lyon, creating a major oil axis for Western Europe.

The project aims to provide energy independence to the region and is committed to following the best environmental and social practices, as well as international standards, to minimize negative impacts on communities and the environment. The process of land acquisition and selection of impacted areas was done with consideration of international standards, but some economic and physical displacement impacts may be inevitable. Sounds great, right???
Fake construction permit for the WECOP set up in Marseille

Here comes the twist.... the WECOP is not a real project. This very smart campaign organised by the activist group "Le Bruit Qui Court" aims to raise awareness about the unethical practices used by fossil fuel companies in developing countries. The WECOP project shows obvious similarities with the current EACOP project that is being developed in Uganda and Tanzania by Total Energies and has used expropriation and land-grabbing methods. Why are we accepting this type of project in developing countries when it's very obvious that no one wants them in Europe? A great campaign that tackles the still existing double standards between the global north and south.

WECOP - West European Crude Oil Pipeline

WECOP - West European Crude Oil Pipeline est un oléoduc qui transportera le pétrole produit en Mer du Nord à travers l'Europe de l'Ouest.

StopEACOP | East African Crude Oil Pipeline

We have a plan to stop the East African Crude Oil Pipeline – are you in? | French oil giant, Total, and the China National Offshore Oil Corporation are on the cusp of building a massive crude oil pipeline right through the heart of Africa – displacing communities, endangering wildlife and tippi

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  • Peter Kamau

    6 w

    I like the gist of this campaign

    • Tabitha Kimani

      6 w

      Very funny. The more reason why EACOP should not be allowed.

      • Daniel Waweru

        6 w

        Great move here

        • Saustine Lusanzu

          6 w


          • Markus Lutteman

            6 w

            Smart and funny.

            • Elizabeth Gathigia

              6 w

              It's a great move and I support it

              • Munene Mugambi

                6 w

                This is a great move, it reduces pollution by other means

                • Joseph Githinji

                  6 w

                  I love the twist, everyone must be respected no matter the standards of their nations or continent. I support the campaign 100%

                  • Gorffly mokua

                    6 w

                    This is wonderful! This will replace more carbon-intensive transport methods like truck and rail, making them the greenest way to move energy supplies like natural gas, & gasoline.

                    • bonke reinhard

                      6 w

                      Good move

                      • Marine Stephan

                        6 w

                        This is such a great campaign!!!

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