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VDL and German Schaeffler are jointly building electric self-propelled shuttles

By: Romy de Weert
The Dutch car manufacturer VDL wants to build electric self-driving shuttle buses together with the German industrial company Schaeffler. After an uncertain period, since it was announced that the deal with BMW is coming to an end, the collaboration with Schaeffler will be a windfall for VDL.
The Dutch Limburg-based VDL is looking hard for new assignments. In recent years, the company has mainly built electric cars for BMW. Now that the contract with the car manufacturer is coming to an end, VDL is looking for new orders.

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Electric self-driving shuttle
Now there seems to be a bright spot in the search. During the IAA Mobility in Munich, one of the largest mobility fairs in Europe, Schaeffler and VDL will jointly present a concept version of an electric self-driving shuttle. The bus is intended to supplement existing public transport.

The shuttle is five meters long and has nine seats. It has a load capacity of 1,000 kilos and a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour. On a full battery, the shuttle should be able to travel about 100 kilometers. With charging moments between the journeys, the shuttle could cover about 350 kilometers a day, according to VDL.

Increasing demand
The shuttle could be called up via an app, just as is done when booking a taxi service from, for example, Uber or Bolt. VDL and Schaeffler expect the demand for electric autonomous shuttle services to increase worldwide in the coming years.
How much VDL will produce depends on demand, says VDL in a press release. The company expects to sell the shuttles to public transport companies in any case. VDL says it is in an advanced stage of talks with a number of public transport providers. Production is expected to start in 2030. Then the company wants to produce several thousand shuttles per year.

Germany is leading the way in autonomous driving
A pilot will first take place in Germany. The companies want to test the concept and set up a scalable ecosystem. The country was not chosen randomly. In Germany, the rules for self-driving cars on public roads are the furthest.

VDL is not betting on one horse for a replacement contract for BMW. Meanwhile, the company is in talks with other customers. Nevertheless, VDL has to cut slightly less than half of the 4,000 jobs in Born in Limburg from November, because a replacement contract was not found quickly enough.

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    With collaborations, everything is possible.

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      We need more of such partnerships

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            This is a great partnerships that is required

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              Such partnerships are beneficial to the world

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                The kind of collaborations that we want!

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