Climate idea


Climate idea

Standing up for climate justice is the only way we can save mother nature from worldly calamities, let's act now!!

It is everyone's responsibility to take care of mother nature . This means every one has to come out of their comfort zones and contribute to activities that enhance protection of mother earth. We need the world leaders to surpport our ideas since the effects of climate change are mostly affected by the poor. There is need for climate justice at all levels of development in the world to be able to mitigate and adapt to climate risks. Water accessibility should be made for free in African rural areas where most farmers stay but unable to grow crops all year round because of hot seasons, water accessibility can make irrigation and watering of crops possible, keeping of animals and poultry which enhance biodiversity in the environment. Many households are unable to have a full day's meal but able to have one meal per day because food is now scarce and expensive as a result of a few farmers who can afford the modern irrigation systems. Our world leaders should come out of their comfort zones now and help bring equal development at all levels in Africa. httpse/yjY_u7M4tPQ

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  • Michelle Sainnizaire

    31 w

    I want to be part of this!

    • Namande Prossy

      30 w

      @michelle_sainnizaire please check the different updates on we don't have time and you can join with your idea today . Nice regards to you....

    • wagdi alqadase

      31 w

      نعم من المهم جداً أن يتم تثقيف في مجال المناخ وأضرار المناخ حتي تتمكن من خلق بيئه نظيفه وامانه وشمولية أيضا لتسهيل عملية الاستدامة البيئية

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