The deadline will be right before the Presidential elections of 2022 in France and Macron could use this objective as a campaign argument, or his opponents could use it against him. Despite his ambition to "make our planet great again" Macron's environmental policy has shown limited results and been criticised under his presidency. > This week, the Climate and Resilience Law was adopted by the French Senate. The bill has received a lot of critics from a large opposition block for lacking the ambition necessary for proper climate action. The Senators raised the general ambition of the law and increased from 40% to 55% the objective of reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030 (the European Union objective). But at the same time, they removed some articles about cancelling domestic flights or creating an ecocide offence. On July 12th the bill will be discussed again in a mixed assembly of senators and MPs. I truly hope that this will have an important impact on the next French elections campaign themes and the results. Read more here:">