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We believe everyone should be able to access EVs and to have a clean energy charging infrastructure providing benefits beyond just a clean, quiet, fun ride,” said Michael Benson, vice president of Drive Electric Northeast Ohio. He’s also a co-owner of Command Consulting, a Wadsworth firm that advises on electrification, microgrids and shared services.
The foundation chose the location to promote equitable growth in the Midtown and Hough neighborhoods, a historically redlined area where a majority of residents are Black and median household incomes are less than half of Ohio’s statewide median.
The Route Zero Road Trip is an electric vehicle tour from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., that began last month. Drive Electric Northeast Ohio worked with the Cleveland Foundation to host the stop at the foundation’s new headquarters, which features a solar-powered carport, to draw attention to the neighborhoods and the importance of making sure that people at all income levels can take advantage of the shift toward electrification.

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  • Lucinda Ramsay

    50 w

    We still need more alternatives to driving- people need to get around and we all cant have an EV. Better, cheaper electricfied public transport please as well!

    • Munene Mugambi

      50 w

      EVs are the only way we break even on carbon footprints

      • Elizabeth Gathigia

        50 w

        Electric cars is the future.

        • Kevin

          50 w

          This is a great call

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