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It took a few years to write "Climate Denial in American Politics: #ClimateBrawl." A chapter or two would be removed and others added.
I am proud to have produced a critically-acclaimed, peer-reviewed book, issued by the academic publisher @routledgebooks
My intent was to demonstrate the evil and deviant behaviour nature of climate denial, and how to deal with it. The book can found at:


The latter offers at 20% discount until March 1, if you use the code AFL04 at checkout
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  • Munene Mugambi

    6 w

    Your continued insistence on climate denial especially on the political front has brought to light how little some leaders know about climate change and yet they are in the positions of power expected to make changes for a better planet.

    • Gerald Kutney

      6 w

      @munene_mugambi As always, your support is appreciated. We fight the good fight, together

    • Saustine Lusanzu

      7 w

      Congratulations 🎉, We all understand and value your contributions in fighting climate change across the globe.

      • Gerald Kutney

        7 w

        @saustine_lusanzu Thank you for the kind comments and your support

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