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Green awnings: a new way to cool cities!

Green Shades is the first global system of natural canopies, i.e. stretched sails covered with vegetation, creating new possibilities for urban landscaping. The aim is to reduce the effects of climate change, improve air quality and water management and increase the sustainability of the city. These awnings have been placed in the cities of Alicante, Liverpool, Izmir and Valladolid. Advantages of green sun protection: - Creation of original urban spaces with shade - It generates shadows for the enjoyment of public space without taking space away from users. - Ideal for those places with high sun exposure, which are also protected from rain. - It makes it possible to introduce vegetation in urban areas where space is limited. In this way, the revitalization of degraded urban spaces is achieved. - Reduction of environmental pollution: vegetated surface generates the oxygen all year round and manages to filter harmful gases, improving the air quality of the environments in which it is installed. - It absorbs NOX and CO2 and contributes to the improvement of air quality - It reduces noise pollution by absorbing and reflecting sound waves through the substrate. - Temperature and humidity control: The process of evapotranspiration of plants causes a decrease in temperature (a reduction of 2ºC in the street) and contributes to the regulation of humidity. The spaces created lower the temperature both in their environment and under the roof and act as vegetable air conditioners - It allows maximum use of water, since it has a circuit of recirculation of irrigation water. The green sails are composed of a four-metre textile canopy in triangular shape, dotted with species specially selected for the climate of the city in question. The awnings are supported by a system of tension cables and stainless steel plates. These plates are anchored to each of the facades of the street. In addition, a protocol has been developed with the fire brigade for easy disassembly in case of emergency. For the supply and drainage of water there is a central beam of aluminum grid that runs along the street. Along the structure, water supply and return pipes are routed, as well as electrical cables. Each awning is equipped with two drip tubes that form the irrigation installation terminals. These types of nature-based solutions, such as plant-based canopies, are useful tools to add value to increasingly urbanized cities, helping cities develop with a more sustainable and healthier approach. That's how it can be done! Source: SingularGreen

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  • bonke reinhard

    48 w

    Very nice place

    • zelda ninga

      48 w

      It's beautiful and at the same time beneficial for the city in many ways.

      • Lucinda Ramsay

        48 w

        This is great! Love it!

        • Sarah Chabane

          48 w

          Super cool! I like how it looks as well!

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