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If you want to people to conserve something , to take care of something, you first have to make them fall in love with it. Right? We want you to fall in love wirh the ocean! And this is why we celebrate the ocean always! What about some information about the European country Denmark, their Wadden Sea region and the phenomenon of dike (or dyke) construction? Maybe some of you have never seen a dike in that area before. It is a unique experience to walk on a North Sea dike during a heavy storm. We lend some words from the Danish Coastal Authority: “Coastal protection has been carried out in Denmark for centuries. The history of dike construction in the Wadden Sea dates back to around 1000 A.D., when farmers built the first large banks of soil, protecting the farmland against sea flooding. Protection against erosion in terms of constructions such as groynes, rubble mound breakwaters and revetments was introduced in Denmark with the construction of the first test groynes on the west coast of Jutland in 1876-83, while nourishment with sand was introduced in 1974. In Denmark, generally the landowners are responsible for protecting their land against the sea. Consequently, the owner of the property, must request permission to establish coastal protection and pay the costs construction, operation and maintenance.” Rising sea levels due to climate change have made dike construction and maintenance pivotal for land and people. Our artist Tue Greenfort will work on this in the framework of WE ARE OCEAN Wadden Sea in the Danish region curated my Julia Moritz. We are so much looking forward to this!

  • ARTPORT_making waves

    106 w

    We are not the experts in geology, we are a curatorial team and bring artists, scientists and young people together. We leave this answer to the experts. But thanks for engaging in a conversation!

    • Adam Wallin

      106 w

      Great, thanks! Hoping that your work can increase understanding of the ocean and how we can preserve it, and maybe someone will be inspired to answer my questions as well. Keep up the good work!

    • Adam Wallin

      106 w

      Interesting! Do you know already now how the diking affects the ocean quality or the water retention in the soil? Diking farmlands in other situations has turned out to reduce soil quality, but it might be different if it is close to the ocean.

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