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Tomorrow, Japan is going to release Fukushima radioactive affected water into to the Sea. If it’s safe as Japanese government explains, so Japan should use the water for themselves! If they really release it into the sea tomorrow, we need to be prepared to face the consequences! 1. Environmental Impact: Critics argue that the release could have negative environmental consequences, potentially affecting marine ecosystems and fisheries. This is particularly concerning because some radioactive isotopes, even in trace amounts, can persist in the environment for an extended period. 2. Public Health: There are concerns about the potential health impact on people who consume seafood from the region. The Japanese government has stated that the released water will be within safety limits, but public perception and trust are critical factors. 3. Economic Impact: The local fishing industry could be negatively affected if consumers avoid seafood from the region due to fears of contamination. This could have economic consequences for the affected communities. 4. International Relations: Neighboring countries like South Korea have expressed concerns about the potential transboundary impact of the release and have sought transparency and monitoring. 5. Long-Term Management: Continuously storing and managing the radioactive water on-site also presents challenges and costs.

  • Bo Pang Aldrin

    42 w

    Well, if we count the UN as the independent party in this case…

    • Munene Mugambi

      42 w

      Did an independent body confirm this?

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