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The straw man fallacy is a type of misinformation we need to be aware of in climate change denial!

Misinformation in unfortunately common in environmental communication. For example, this reasoning contains a fallacy called "straw man fallacy", which occurs when someone misrepresents or distorts their opponent's argument to make it easier to attack or dismiss: "They keep banging on about how the warming of the atmosphere causes rising sea levels, but if that was happening we’d have seen it by now! It’s been countless decades since they first started predicting this, but here we still are." Source:

In this case, the argument misrepresents the scientific consensus on climate change by suggesting that because the predicted impacts haven't been immediately observed, the entire claim about the link between warming atmosphere and rising sea levels is invalid. Learn more about climate change denial and how to deal with misinformation and fallacies:

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  • otiscavin

    4 w

    By attacking this exaggerated and unrealistic version of the argument, the denier can avoid engaging with the actual evidence and scientific consensus on climate change.

    • George Kariuki

      13 w

      The straw man fallacy is a common tactic used by climate change deniers to dismiss overwhelming scientific evidence.

      • Princess

        13 w

        Staying vigilant against such misinformation is essential for fostering a more informed and effective dialogue.

        • walter lungayi

          13 w

          @princess_nel_268 I strongly agree with you. It's important to be vigilant against the straw man fallacy in climate change denial arguments, as it can lead to misinformation and hinder productive discussions on the issue.

        • Kevin

          13 w

          True there needs to be a clear distinction between factual news and fake

          • Joseph Githinji

            13 w

            Misguiding the people is unacceptable, reporting on climate change must be done accurately to avoid traumatizing the people.

            • johnte ndeto

              13 w

              Miscommunication is quite misleading and should be discouraged at all cost

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