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πŸš€ Calling all Energy Innovators! 🌟

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Applications for Rockstart Energy 2024 are still OPEN, but the clock is ticking! ⏰ If you're driving innovation in: ⚑ Circularity ⚑ Installation Efficiency ⚑ Climate Risk Mitigation ⚑ Long-Duration Energy Storage ⚑ other renewable energy domains, This is YOUR opportunity to: ✨ Secure crucial initial investment ✨ Dive into tailored workshops ✨ Showcase your brilliance to the Rockstart ecosystem ⏳ Don't wait! Seize the chance before October 6th. Apply now πŸ‘‰
#EnergyInnovation #RockstartEnergy2024 #RenewableEnergy

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    Go green 🌳

    Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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