Tackling twine problem of gender inequality and climate change is difficult but women leaders and men leaders are showing and sharing ways and means to face it upfront in the side events of COP28. Dr. Nicoline, Dr. Elizabeth, Dr. Polar Dr. Rajasree, Dr. Todd presented what is to be done at policy level, where is the gap, what is to be done at field level for different agricultural products like potato and sweet potato what is being done in India by village level women communities like seed and biodiversity protection that needs immediate upscaling, what is being done at East Africa for livestock management etc. Plantings zero tillage potato in paddy fields which can provide relief to women farmers from daily toil, use of digital technologies and weather warnings that empowered the ladies in decision making are silver lightnings in the cloud, but still it is not a rosy picture in entirety. One USAID report suggests that only 2% of 632 projects are addressing gender inequality. It may be said that although the climate challenges of agriculture are now being addressed slowly, but it's twine of reducing plight of women farmers are still very much neglected. Realizing actions are also being steamed from real life miseries, and lessons learned from it. Construction of grain storage structures in Africa is one excellent example of subscribe. The girl in golden yellow attire from Gujarat explains the steps taken by them in the field for sustainable agriculture successfully in native language, and interpreter translates her actions to the larger community with known terminologies like precision agriculture. Realising science into field and returning the feedback to policymakers and scientists for improvement in bothway communicable language is need of the day. Use of digital technology is bridging this gap, but still, there are miles to go before worldwide honeybees are rejuvenated enough to ensure enough pollination. Women leaders working in agriculture along with the male counterparts are trying to making the difference. But the difference in the investment for betterment of girls and women in rural area and for in general indicates stark gender inequality. Raising the right issue is the first step for resolving problems. This has been nicely demonstrated with witty moderation in this side event

  • Munene Mugambi

    19 w

    Would like to see more women and people with disabilities voiced at COP28 as we try to tackle gender inequality

  • Abraham Jok Atem

    19 w

    Glad to see women leaders aggressively tackling twine problems in gender inequality and Climate change

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