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Sarah Chabane

17 w


Climate love

The Climate Dictionary, a useful resource for everyone wanting to get involved in climate action

UNDP Climate's latest campaign is The Climate Dictionary, an everyday guide to climate change. This useful resource is available for everyone that wants to get involved in climate action. It's even especially handy for the ones that are new to the climate field and need help grasping all the key terms that come up in the current debates, such as "tipping points", "mitigation", "resilience" or "nature-based solutions".
The list will be continuously updated, so make sure you bookmark it for future reference!

The Climate Dictionary: An everyday guide to climate change | UNDP Climate Promise

Is it getting harder to follow what climate experts are talking about? We've compiled an index of climate terms to keep things simple.

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  • George Kariuki

    17 w

    It's a great way to learn the key terms and concepts related to climate change without having to spend hours researching.

    • Tabitha Kimani

      17 w

      Wow. This is a very important contribution.

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