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Unfortunately, we humans are all selfish to a greater or lesser extent and not particularly good at behaving sensibly for the common good. This applies at all levels of our society. For our political leaders as well as for the corporate leaders in whose factories all the CO2-intensive things we consume every day are produced, and of course for ourselves. As long as we neglect this crucial detail, all efforts to protect the climate effectively will have no chance of success.
  • Lucinda Ramsay

    6 w

    - we can't keep the economic behaviour and pattern of consumerism and striving for growth - our model can't be about making more money and buying more stuff- we have to have a paradigm shift based on sustainability and people living within their means and slowing down growth and consumption- no one wants to pioneer this because they're afraid. People measure success through growth of wealth- we need a new way to value success- how can we put value on having less and having a lower carbon footprint? We look at the biggest electric SUV as being environmentally friendly where it should be no car or the smallest EV vehicle to meet your needs- that isn't what people envy or aspire to at the moment. Sustainability means creating and using less and only what we need.

    • SaveClimate.Earth e.V.

      5 w

      @lucinda_ramsay Yes, you are absolutely right and I agree with you 100%. Our ECO climate currency concept, for example, makes the carbon footprint of everything transparent so that we can compare how harmful it is to the climate. And that is just one of many conceptual advantages over current climate policy measures!

    • SaveClimate.Earth e.V.

      6 w

      In our opinion, we are hurtling towards the cliff, unchecked. We have known what was coming since the 1980s. But even today, politicians are still constantly rowing back. Even the EU is thinking about abolishing the ban on combustion engines because it realizes that there is a lack of acceptance among citizens, because the charging infrastructure for e-cars is not progressing fast enough and so on.

      • Bel Jacobs

        6 w

        And the implementation problem is a problem of will. Statistics and data alone cannot work. Emotional engagement - a true understanding of the cliff edge we stand on - is the key towards action.

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